Welcome to Iceland

A Nordic Paradise of Fire & Ice.

Iceland. Bring out the adventurous Viking Warrior in your soul! Intriguing Iceland, the land of the ‘midnight sun’ is waiting to tempt you!

This iconic Nordic European island nation nestled between Norway, Great Britain and Greenland in the Norwegian Sea offers a vibrant palette of unique and contrasting vistas of ice and fire! Dramatic land and seascapes beckon you to explore Iceland’s plethora of breathtaking soaring volcanic monuments, steaming hot springs and natural geysers, gouging glaciers and cascading waterfalls from every viewpoint.

And if it’s a fiery contrasting night scene you crave, Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik will seduce you with a dazzling array of nightclubs, fine wining & dining, and cool cocktails beside the shimmering ocean lapping unique black sanded shores.

If romance, adventure, history and natural beauty are calling out to you, your bespoke travel specialists at All Travel Guru invite you to bring your Icelandic dreams to life! Whatever your passion or preference, an unforgettable adventure awaits those who DARE to DREAM and those who DARE to DO!

Experiences to Remember

Iceland on the Silver Screen

Many films have been shot using the vast beauty that is Iceland. From James Bond to the Hit HBO Series Game of Thrones, be privately guided to movie set locations and relive the magic that was captured on the small and big screens.

Lava Labyrinths

Feast your eyes on the natural wonders of stalactites and different rock formations. A vast array of colors and extraordinary scenery will entice your senses into overload as you explore the interior caverns of Iceland.

Landmannalaugar Super Jeep Tour

This drive will take you through rivers, across glittering crater walls, lava fields and the multicolored mountains where you will be able to witness geothermal activity and stunning nature. One thing is guaranteed, you will be amazed.

Whale Watching Husavik

Venture north on a sea journey that rewards you with a 98% success rate of seeing the gentle giants. With 23 species of whales to view their playful nature and antics will keep you more than entertained.

Dive Between American and Eurasian Plates

Enjoy the surreal visibility as you explore this magical sub-aquatic paradise.  Rated as one of the world’s top ten dive sites not to be missed.  A mesmerizing site for a diver and snorkeler alike.

Grimsey Island

Dominated by the Arctic Ocean on all sides, Grimsey Island. Located 40km off the north coast of Iceland is a worth a visit.  Home to 100 people and 1 million birds the island is best known for the proximity to the Arctic Circle, which cuts across the island!

Storyteller’s Lodge

One of Iceland’s best known storytellers tells stories for the whole family. For a glimpse into history of toys, stories about the birth of an Icelandic fishing, or just wanting to be enchanted by this magician of words find him weaving his tales in West Iceland.

Northern Light Exposure

Take to the wilderness away from any city lights, in search of the Northern Lights. Enjoy a traditional Icelandic meal, before heading out to witness the dancing lights across the transcendent starry night.


“Batman Mountain” is a site not to be missed. Black sand and sheer cliffs collide to create one of Iceland’s most dramatic landscapes.  Rock climbing, hiking, and photography are a few of the activities that one may indulge in.

Geysir-Natures Oven

The first known of its kind to Europeans. Boiling mud pits, hot water exploding out of the earth, and a reminder that you are standing on a volcanic island! A truly unique experience offered is ‘hot spring bread’ where visitors assist a chef to boil eggs outside in a hot spring, and dig up rye bread that has been ‘baking’ underground for 24 hours.

Helicopter Tour Fire & Ice

Experience the extreme contrast Icelandic nature has to offer by flying across Iceland’s volcanic landscape and then landing on top of Europe’s largest glacier! The journey will take you over lava fields, craters and colorful mountain landscapes.


Explore Reykjavik by foot or bike. A mix of traditional and modern lifestyles reveal the clash between European and Viking Ancestry.  Located 2 degrees south of the Arctic Circle Reykjavik also known as Smoky Bay is the northernmost capital city of an independent nation.

Icelandic Horses

Unique character, friendly personality, and many different gaits this pint sized horse has a lot to offer. Tours are offered year round and the Icelandic Horse will carve out a spot in your heart. Eleven centuries ago two horses per ship were brought over. The strongest from Norway were brought!  Take a tour and learn why this horse has an important place in the history of Iceland.

Ice Climbing

Think you can make it to the top?  Attempt to ascent a vertical frozen wall as you enjoy the adrenaline rush of being suspended in air with nothing but crampons, a rope and an ice ax.

Puffin Quest

Take a unique journey to the remote lands of the west coast in search of the North-Atlantic Puffin. Sail across the bay of Breidafjordure, where thousands of islets shelter seals, whales, dolphins and of course puffins.

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