We Three Kings!

Welcome to Scandinavia.

Scandinavia. Why be enthralled by just one fascinating European kingdom when there’s a trifecta of ‘shoulder to shoulder’ neighboring nations nestled tightly together calling you to the Scandinavian Peninsula. Extending just north of the Arctic Circle and bordering the North and Baltic Seas these three noble Nordic principalities comprise of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Imagine the sheer delight of savoring authentic Danish pastries in the kingdom where they were born! Denmark is beyond proud to serve you with its signature delicacy alongside its many other tantalizing Scandinavian flavors. This crown country sits at the southernmost point of this trinity and is situated directly above Germany. Historic magnificence weaves sublimely through a contemporary high standard lifestyle all surrounded by awe inspiring landforms and seascapes including the Jutland Peninsula overlooking more than 400 named islands, Zealand, Funen, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm are notable amongst this myriad.

If you’re ‘pining for the fjords’ then pine no more because Norway, the second of our Scandinavian triad kingdoms is teeming with these rugged naturally formed wonders! Created by ancient glacial erosion these long narrow inlets surrounded by steep cliffs and mountains are a classic feature landmark of the Norwegian terrain.

Oslo, Norway’s capital city is notable for its lush natural green surroundings pierced by countless museums including the renowned Edvard Munch Museum and the Norsk Folkemuseum along with collections of open-air historic structures beside a host of preserved 10th century Viking longships displayed at Norway’s Vikingskipshuset. Norway is also highly regarded for superb fishing & angling, hiking, skiing, and most notably as host of the 1994 Winter Olympics at Lillehammer.

If you love ABBA songs, delicious meatballs, Volvo automobiles and IKEA furniture fashion then you’ll feel right at home in Scandinavia’s third and most largely populated Nordic kingdom, Sweden. This Baltic Sea bordered nation is infamous for its literary heroine Pippi Longstocking, indigenous home of the moose, and a forward thinking pinnacle of innovation and development. Like its neighbors Denmark & Norway, Sweden encapsulates thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes & fjords, lush forests and soaring mountains.

Stockholm is Sweden’s vibrant & bustling capital city and is home to Royal Palaces, vast parklands and historic museums principally the open-air Skansen. And like Stockholm, other principal Swedish cities including Gothenburg and Malmo are also coastal icons. Sweden’s historic old town of Gamla Stan set on islands joined by bridges and ferries dates back to the 13th century!

Experiences to Remember - Norway

Public dog sledding on wheels

Take part in a traditional dog sledding experience that is all but traditional. Learn how to “mush” your own team of friendly happy huskies, and get a close encounter with their pointy ears, happy eyes, wagging tails and quick legs, all while you navigate through the streets of Oslo, on a dogsled equipped with wheels.

Family Hiking and Kayaking

Our private driver will bring you to the Øygarden archipelago outside of Bergen. Here you will spend the day being active, including an exciting cliff-top hike and sea kayaking. A lovely wilderness lunch will be prepared for you during your excursion. This is a great family outing!

Waterfall Climbing

Ice climbing runs from October to April. Head to the Sognefjord. This beautiful area is home to many waterfalls, which become frozen. Brave the ice and snow as you make your way to the top of one of these waterfalls, on an exhilarating waterfall climbing adventure!

Scenic Train Ride

The Flåm railway has been voted one of the most beautiful train rides in Norway, and we hope you will enjoy the thrilling ride down the Flåm valley. Gaze upon the vast glaciers, mountain sides and deep valleys, which combine to create the breath taking scenery that surrounds you as you cut through the Norwegian landscape.

Private Opera Performance

In a local former community barn, residents have created an impressive cultural stage. International opera stars such as Dame Kiri Te Kanawa have stayed here and performed. Stunning Western Norwegian scenery forms the backdrop for this unique farm theater, where local, national and international artists provide cultural performances in a class of their own. Take an evening to enjoy a private recital by a local artist at Åmot.

Experiences to Remember - Sweden

Stockholm Private Roof- Top Tour

During your tour, you will see Stockholm from a bird’s eye perspective while securely harnessed to the roof with safety equipment. It is a unique combination of sightseeing and climbing, that allows an unparalleled view from the best vantage points around the city.

Reindeer Sledding

Discover the indigenous Sami culture and learn about their close relationship with reindeer. Be taken to a real Sami camp to meet the mystic creatures they rely upon. Have a chance to hand feed them, then mount up on either a powerful race on a track or a magical ride through the Taiga forest, both providing an enthralling encounter with animals, nature and culture.

Beaver or Moose Safaris

Take to the wilderness and experience two amazing creatures not commonly seen in other parts of the world. Watch as a massive Bull Moose plunges in to a lake right before your eyes, or maneuver a canoe gracefully up to a beaver dam to behold the intriguing beavers in their natural setting.

The Traveler Who Took the Millennium Tour

Take a tour that explores the trilogy of books by Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest. Start at the home of the main characters and then explore your way through key locations from the books.

Experiences to Remember - Denmark

Authentic Culinary Tour

Private cooking class in private home with a Copenhagen local. Learn how to cook Nordic food with a friendly local, who will aid in the selection of ingredients and open their home to you, as you learn to cook an unforgettable feast.

Walk with Wild Horses

Make your way to the popular holiday island of Langeland, to be rewarded with a large herd of wild horses. Walk right out to the magnificent stallions and enjoy a peaceful walk with them through the beautiful landscape.

Sail a Viking Boat

Set sail on a Viking ship. Take to the high seas on an adventurous excursion for all. Play an active role on the makeshift Viking crew where you will enjoy stories about the area and have a chance to swim in Denmark’s Fjords.

Fossil Hunting

Head out to the Cliff of Mon, to learn about how it came into existence. Marvel at the exceptional plant and wildlife in the area, as you scavenge the coast on a search for million-years-old-fossils.

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