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Greek (99.0%)

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Largest City

Athens (3.1 million)

Largest Border

Bulgaria (472 km)

All Time Classic!

Seated in the heart of the Mediterranean, the pulse of Greece beats strongly with a blend of ancient and up-to-the-minute tourist attractions that bear a calling to your European access to the picture perfect islands of Rhodes, Myconos and Santorini overlooked by Olympus and lapped by emerald seas with azure skies. Whitewashed houses and traditional coastal taverns wrap around ancient ruins where natural Greece embraces its graphic mythology, valiant history, glorious roots of philosophical thought, and the early days of western drama, cherished ideals of togetherness and the joy of life!
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Recommended Activities

Athens From Above

There are several appealing ways of touring the treasured history and mystery of ancient and modern Athens, but undoubtedly the most captivating and panoramically embracing is by soaring high above Greece’s capital in a helicopter or light airplane to marvel at all of its splendor and beauty in an aerial excursion across the city’s skyline.

Imagine the unique thrill of looking down on the magnificent Acropolis and seeing views and perspectives that its architects and builders could only have dreamed about.

Other intriguing aerial spectacles, some hidden from ground view can be explored from above including the Temple of Poseidon and the imposing Panathenaic Stadium.


Volcano and Hot Springs Tour

The vibrantly multi-colored houses and tightly packed buildings clinging to the steep hillside slopes on the island of Santorini greet you like a living picture postcard, and are typical of the views and features to be found on this charming Aegean Sea enclave.

Santorini is also a community living on an active volcano which explains the rugged and unusually shaped lava rock formed landscapes. Tourists are attracted to the island to bathe in its naturally occurring yellow sulfur hot springs and also to hike up the volcano’s steaming sides of black lava rock to its summit. As dusk falls beautiful sunsets paint vivid colors across Santorini’s skies.


Delphi Full Day

Architecture, archaeology and Athenian art and artifacts are the maxim at Greece’s treasure trove city of Delphi, home of the Oracle of Apollo. Indeed the very Treasury of the Athenians temple is to be found in Delphi, and is certainly one of the countless attractions not to be missed on a full day tour of this fascinating city located at the base of imposing Mount Parnassos.

Visit the iconic stone Temple of Apollo, astonishingly constructed in the 4th century BC, and tour the ancient ruins of the Temple of Athena Pronaia featuring its prominent domed roof. The region’s prized Delphi Archeological Museum literally uncovers and displays artifacts dug from the grounds of the surrounding ruins.


Other Great Things to See and Do


Dance With The Greeks

Cheerful Greek hospitality awaits you in the quaint hillside village of Plaka, brimming with an eager sense of celebration and fun.


Cape Sounion in the Afternoon

A short trip to the coast is well worth exploring this temple, in many ways reminiscent of the architecture of the Parthenon.


Rhodes Lindos by Boat

Sailing by boat from the mainland to Rhodes and visiting Lindos becomes a voyage of both beauty and appealing marine adventure.

Athens Beer Tour

You’re encouraged to join in and share with the passion for amber liquid refreshment by visiting the capital’s breweries for an extensive beer tasting tour.

Loutraki Day Tour

The seaside resort of Loutraki is perfectly placed within the Gulf of Corinth, a section of the Corinthia region with fabulous weather and astonishing natural beauty.

Athens Under The Stars (Night Tour)

As the evening sun dips behind Mount Acropolis, Athens switches on its city lights and transforms Greece’s capital into a dazzling center of panoramic illumination.

Day Cruise

Prepare to set sail for a full day’s voyage of Greek discovery by visiting three appealing islands within the Saronic Gulf section of the Aegean Sea.


The seaside resort of Loutraki is perfectly placed within the Gulf of Corinth, a section of the Corinthia region with fabulous weather and astonishing natural beauty.

Explore The Secrets Of Wars

If your interest is to investigate the history of Greek warfare, you’re well catered for by taking a half day tour of three specialist museums and sites centered around the capital.

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